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[SecurityWeek] Tunisian hackers launch the ‘Week of Horror’ cyberattack campaign


A group called Tunisian Hackers Team has listed seven financial organizations that it will attack each for 24 hours over a seven day period from July 5th to July 11th. The group attacked Whitney Bank on the 5th, Union Bank on the 6th, and Zions Bank on the 7th. The group launches two-pronged attacks against each bank. First it launches a DDoS attack, and then while the information security personnel of the banks are busy mitigated the first attack, the group launches the second attack such as defacements, cross-site scripting redirects, and database leaks. The Tunisian Hacker Groups is also responsible for database leaks of the Bureau of Statistics, United States Department of Agriculture, the federal World War II registry, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the United States Army.

Source: SecurityWeek