FIC Breakfasts

2014/10/29Review of the FIC Observatory Breakfast: The dematerialization of payment methods. What are the impacts on companies today?

On October 22, 2014, the FIC Observatory welcomed André Delaforge, head of communications at the Natural Security Alliance, Christophe Fichet, lawyer and manager of technical, media and telecommunications practices at the Simmons and Simmons law office, and Jimaan Sané, policyholder of technology, media and society’s at Beazley. New methods of payment have emerged under various…

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2014/09/29Feedback on the Breakfast Talk of the FIC Observatory entitled “Cybersecurity, lever of transformation of a business sector. Presentation of the Alb@tros project in the aerospace industry”.

On 17 September 2014, the FIC Observatory welcomed Didier Bosque, Innovation Project Director, in charge of relationships with the “Aerospace Valley” Competitiveness Cluster, and Director of the Albatros Programme, Steria. Alb@tros, a platform developed by various stakeholders of the aerospace industry, aims to boost the competitiveness and security of companies working in the ever-changing aerospace sector….

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2014/06/04Breakfast talk : What future for Internet governance after NetMundial?

The NetMundial conference on Internet governance, which took place in São Paulo on 22 and 23 April 2014, has been an additional step in the future of Internet governance. One month after the conference, the FIC Observatory organised a breakfast talk with Mr David Martinon, the special representative for international negotiations regarding information society and digital economy, and Mr Bertrand de La Chapelle,…

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