2019/05/09FIC 2020: Putting Human Beings at the Heart of Cybersecurity

What if users were not only a threat, but rather one of the answers to the challenges posed by cybersecurity? Instead of ‘zero trust’ architectures based on ‘distrust by default’, it would certainly be more effective–and cheaper–to put users in a central position, to turn them into real cybersecurity players within their organisation. However, this…

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2019/04/05Women in cybersecurity: shall we talk about it?

Women in cybersecurity…everyone is talking about it, many are becoming agitated, but few people are truly and efficiently acting. The word “feminisation” has become a buzzword and talking about women’s role in the cybersecurity sector (as in other predominantly male professional areas) has in many respects become a commercial argument, or at least a marketing…

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2019/02/18Thank you !

As soon as Lille Grand Palais’ lights went out, the FIC team was already gearing up for the next edition. We draw upon your legitimate requirements as a source of inspiration and imagination, giving us an ever-better ability to meet your expectations. Without each and every one of you, the FIC would have no raison…

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2019/01/14EDITORIAL, by Guillaume Poupard, Managing Director of ANSSI.

We are delighted to participate in the 2019 edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC), which has grown year after year to become a major event for reflection and exchanges aiming to promote a European vision of cybersecurity.In the wake of the high threat level observed in 2018, marked by the preparation of the future cyber conflicts,…

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