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2020/01/22Cybersecurity: Siemens’ Commitment (by Nicolas Petrovic, CEO of Siemens France & Belgium)

Digital transformation is at the heart of the challenge of growth and industrial development. Operational technologies (OT) and traditional information systems (IT) are increasingly interconnected. The risks of piracy on industrial systems and connected objects represent for Siemens and for all our customers a major threat that requires a concerted and collective approach. In this…

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2019/12/03Local authorities in midstream (by Agnès Le Brun, Vice President of the Association of Mayors of France)

Local authorities—perhaps because they walk in the footsteps of republican tradition—often appear as guarantors of protection and security in the eyes of citizens, elected representatives and even territorial officers. Security of proximity, security of the service provided as part of State or municipal activities (we too often forget that mayors are also officers of the…

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2019/05/09FIC 2020: Putting Human Beings at the Heart of Cybersecurity

What if users were not only a threat, but rather one of the answers to the challenges posed by cybersecurity? Instead of ‘zero trust’ architectures based on ‘distrust by default’, it would certainly be more effective–and cheaper–to put users in a central position, to turn them into real cybersecurity players within their organisation. However, this…

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