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2014/09/08Breakfast talk : “Digital Sovereignty & Cloud Computing”

Behind Edward Snowden’s revelations -which have once again highlighted the digital sovereignty issues- lies a strategy identified and explained by Mr Olivier Iteanu: the concept of Law Intelligence, which consists in using legal systems to exert one’s domination. The United States have been very effective in using that strategy through the Patriot Act, which enabled the NSA to…

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2014/09/08The Three Internets: How to Survive and Help the Two Others

In this second decade of the 21st century, the Internet -the network of networks- is reasserting its role as an economic driver for the creation, transfer and concentration of value of our societies. Faced with this ever-accelerating transformation, unparalleled in the world’s history, nations differ in how they control their destiny on computer networks, i.e. their…

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2014/09/08Edito – Report on the “Protection of Internet Users”: towards an interdepartmental chain of fight against cybercrime [by Myriam Quéméner]

A report prepared by the interdepartmental working group on cybercrime, presided over by Mr Marc Robert, prosecutor general at the Court of Appeal of Riom, was handed over on 30 June 2014 to the Ministers of Justice, of Home Affairs, of Economy & Finance and to the Minister for the Digital Economy. The report comprises fifty-five proposals to…

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