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2015/01/05[Contribution] Evolve or Die: Security Adaptation in a Virtual World [by Bitdefender]

Virtualizing IT equipments delivers a range of benefits including the ability to optimize, consolidate and redistribute available resources throughout the network. Though setting  an effective antimalware protection for virtualized environments is as essential as deploying a dedicated protection on the endpoints, it occurs in  many cases that security may have a negative impact on the…

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2015/01/05[Contribution] Enhancing Cyber Security : the challenges in FYROM, Kosovo and Moldova [by Limaj Besnik, Adetef & Civi.pol Conseil Consortium]

The overall objective of the Project is to increase the security and resilience of Information Communication Technologies networks in the beneficiary countries by building and training local capacities to adequately prevent, respond to and address cyber attacks and/or accidental failures and by establishing an appropriate legal framework where applicable. The geographical scope of the project…

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2015/01/05[Contribution] “Who’s Afraid of Cybercrime? Law Enforcement Must Combat Cybercrime by Thinking and Acting Like a Cybercriminal” [by Erik Barnett, Attaché to the European Union – U.S. ICE Homeland Security Investigations]

Law enforcement has too often reacted to cybercrime by wringing its hands and lamenting the lack of technology, resources, and training to compete with sophisticated, savvy, and well-financed cybercriminals. The qualities of cybercriminals which cause so much anxiety in law enforcement can be categorized as “globalized,” “united,” and “complex.” In moments of extreme honesty, most…

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2015/01/05[Contribution] Whitenoise, Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication and Dynamic Distributed Key Infrastructures [by André Jacques Brisson, Whitenoise Laboratories Canada Inc]

ABSTRACT Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication (DIVA) secure communications for all networks through the cloud and create secure virtual networks within the cloud. DIVA is a secure protocol that prevents all cyber security and identity theft attacks by demanding proof of identity at the time of network access and throughout the network session. It assigns…

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2014/12/23Are you ready for the next attack? [By Symantec]

According to Darwin, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. The landscape of threats on the Internet is constantly changing, and so are the necessary technological responses to different cyber attacks. Companies and states must methodologically develop and implement a comprehensive strategy…

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