2015/01/15The Sony Pictures Entertainment Case : The employees’ low-profile initiative

The employees of the North American subsidiary of Sony Picture Entertainment, whose personal data was divulged in mass quantity following the November 2004 cyber attack claimed by the hacktivist group “Guardians of Peace”, have initiated class-action suits against their North American employer for failure to secure its computer and database systems. These initiatives, although barely…

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2015/01/12[Contribution] Why CerberHost? Because your sites are vulnerable… [by Emile Heitor, CTO, NBS Systems]

CerberHost protects from known threats and detects actions to create, find or exploit vulnerabilities of your Information System. Security is not a concept but a skill. About secure hosting? The original story of the hosting provider, NBS System, is closely linked to cybersecurity. In the mid-2000s, under the leadership of its customers, NBS System invested…

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2015/01/12[Contribution] Closing the door to attackers with continued security and the Cloud [by Philippe Courtot, Qualys]

The ending of 2014 has highlighted many vulnerabilities, the most well-known being the Heartbleed and the Shellshock situations as well as the large scale data theft. Today, companies and governments rely on well-distributed, complex and highly dynamic network architectures. As networks expand their perimeters, entry points are increased and hackers are constantly developing new ways…

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2015/01/05[Contribution] Evolve or Die: Security Adaptation in a Virtual World [by Bitdefender]

Virtualizing IT equipments delivers a range of benefits including the ability to optimize, consolidate and redistribute available resources throughout the network. Though setting  an effective antimalware protection for virtualized environments is as essential as deploying a dedicated protection on the endpoints, it occurs in  many cases that security may have a negative impact on the…

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2015/01/05[Contribution] Enhancing Cyber Security : the challenges in FYROM, Kosovo and Moldova [by Limaj Besnik, Adetef & Civi.pol Conseil Consortium]

The overall objective of the Project is to increase the security and resilience of Information Communication Technologies networks in the beneficiary countries by building and training local capacities to adequately prevent, respond to and address cyber attacks and/or accidental failures and by establishing an appropriate legal framework where applicable. The geographical scope of the project…

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