2015/04/07[Contribution] Which strategy should you adopt to boost your SOC’s in-house appeal? [by Thomas Girard, CS]

CS is a designer and integrator of security systems that allows CISOs to increase the visibility of a SOC (Security Operations Centre) and enhance its attractiveness to a company’s hierarchy: Board of Directors, Risk Management Department, etc. Meeting a dual challenge Designing, integrating, rolling out and operating a SOC requires investment — in technical means, change…

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2015/04/07Cyber Threat Intelligence [by Adrien Petit, CEIS]

Guidance At Webcom Montréal in May 2012, IBM estimated that 90% of the world’s data had been created in the last two years[1]. Furthermore, 2.5 billion gigabytes of data — from many and varied sources — are generated each day[2]. This report has helped to popularise the notion of big data. It has also made processing these large volumes of data…

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2015/02/17Risk management, IT security and cyber insurance must go hand in hand [by François Gratiolet, Business Digital Security Advisory]

The growing threat posed by cyber-­attacks, in conjunction with an increasing dependence on digital assets, has seen cyber security become a critical part of firm strategy. A company’s digital assets represent tremendous value, and the need to protect them is more critical than ever. The overall cyber insurance market is growing at great pace, with enterprise organizations…

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2015/01/19[Policy paper] Cybercrime and social networks: Dangerous liaisons

It was via Twitter that hacktivist group Rex Mundi announced that it had published the customer database of the Domino’s Pizza chain, after months of racketeering. It was also on this social network that, on 2 December, the group of hackers Lizard Squad claimed that they had hacked into Microsoft’s Xbox Live network. Another case in…

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