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Operational security

2014/09/29Knowledge means security – but how to develop a more proactive strategy to information security?

Prior to the application of technological solutions, the security of information systems requires a precise knowledge of the threats and an evaluation of their possible impact on our systems. In recent years, the proliferation of open source intelligence (OSINT), such as CERTs, has made it necessary to dig deeper and especially with greater speed in…

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2014/09/26[Publication] “What’s Next” Report Provides Insight on Advanced Evasion Techniques

Advanced evasion techniques (AETs) have developed quite a reputation in the information security sector, given their ability to disguise advanced persistent threats (APTs) and stealthily siphon out data. Although AETs have been active security threats for quite some time, several misconceptions remain. In an effort to dig deeper into how these threats are passing through…

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2014/09/08Cybersecurity & Decision Support [by Cyril Nalpas, CEIS]

Over the last years, numerous studies have demonstrated that small- and medium-sized enterprises are the main victims of economic cybercrime[1][2]. Beyond the initial suspicion regarding the origin of such studies (it could indeed be primarily a marketing attempt to enter an almost still-untapped market), the cost to fight cybercrime is undoubtedly an issue. And although…

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