Operational security

2015/05/12The risk of a major flood in the the Ile-de-France region is also a challenge in terms of Information Systems Security [by Vincent Balouet,]

The risk of a flood in the Ile-de-France region really is the one risk that dominates all others. All the professionals who tackle the subject are literally stunned by the potential consequences of such an event. Let’s summarise. Paris lies on a plain. Upstream is a 200km-wide area of gently sloping funnel-shaped terrain. The Seine…

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2015/01/15The Sony Pictures Entertainment Case : The employees’ low-profile initiative

The employees of the North American subsidiary of Sony Picture Entertainment, whose personal data was divulged in mass quantity following the November 2004 cyber attack claimed by the hacktivist group “Guardians of Peace”, have initiated class-action suits against their North American employer for failure to secure its computer and database systems. These initiatives, although barely…

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2015/01/05[Contribution] Evolve or Die: Security Adaptation in a Virtual World [by Bitdefender]

Virtualizing IT equipments delivers a range of benefits including the ability to optimize, consolidate and redistribute available resources throughout the network. Though setting  an effective antimalware protection for virtualized environments is as essential as deploying a dedicated protection on the endpoints, it occurs in  many cases that security may have a negative impact on the…

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2015/01/05[Contribution] Whitenoise, Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication and Dynamic Distributed Key Infrastructures [by André Jacques Brisson, Whitenoise Laboratories Canada Inc]

ABSTRACT Dynamic Identity Verification and Authentication (DIVA) secure communications for all networks through the cloud and create secure virtual networks within the cloud. DIVA is a secure protocol that prevents all cyber security and identity theft attacks by demanding proof of identity at the time of network access and throughout the network session. It assigns…

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2014/12/23Are you ready for the next attack? [By Symantec]

According to Darwin, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. The landscape of threats on the Internet is constantly changing, and so are the necessary technological responses to different cyber attacks. Companies and states must methodologically develop and implement a comprehensive strategy…

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