Operational security

2018/02/19The maritime industry and cyber risk (by Brice Ducoum, Groupe EYSSAUTIER)

90% of world trade depends upon maritime transport. From the transportation of raw materials to that of manufactured goods, this industry is the basis of our globalised contemporary economy. In a just-in-time economy, merchant ships must be adapted and automated to increase productivity. The “body of computer and electronic systems used in the management and automation…

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2018/01/13Vulnerability management: act before it is too late (By Sergio Loureiro, SecludIT)

In an even more connected society and facing the 2.5 quintillion data bytes generated every day in the world (2017, Up Numérique), companies have two important security challenges: protecting their data and information systems as well as data of their users and customers. In order to make businesses aware, many laws and regulations recommend to…

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