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Operational security

2018/01/13Vulnerability management: act before it is too late (By Sergio Loureiro, SecludIT)

In an even more connected society and facing the 2.5 quintillion data bytes generated every day in the world (2017, Up Numérique), companies have two important security challenges: protecting their data and information systems as well as data of their users and customers. In order to make businesses aware, many laws and regulations recommend to…

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2017/02/14The Constant Evolution of Security Threats and the Need for a Paradigm Shift (By Ramyan Selvam, Juniper Networks)

Upending the traditional perspective on security is just the beginning … At a time when the cloud is proving so crucial, the network is emerging as more important than ever. Unfortunately, its opportunities for free access underlie cyberattacks. This scourge, spurred on by the mobile technology boom, has become one of the most serious risks that companies…

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