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Legal Issues

2017/10/27Amelia Anderstotter, Internet Expert

The EU Commission has recently put forward a proposal for cyber-security certifications, celebrating itself for working towards an EU-wide seal of approval for information society services and products, and boosting the EU digital market as well as consumer trust. But while cyber-certifications are a popular political idea, they will almost certainly work poorly, even counterproductively,…

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2017/07/18Microsoft’s Geneva Convention: protecting web users against State irresponsible behaviors in the cyberspace ? {By Darius Fadier, CEIS}

On 14 February 2017, Microsoft, portraying itself as a defender of Internet users, proposed a “Digital Geneva Convention” in response to the proliferation of cyberattacks from states. The digital giant called on states to draw up and sign an internationally binding convention that would aim to protect civilians against cyberattacks from states, in the manner of…

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