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Legal Issues

2019/12/23Why cybersecurity is a human rights issue, and it is time to start treating it like one (by Deborah Brown & Anriette Esterhuysen, Association for progressive communications)

In his first address at the high level opening of the UN General Assembly in 2017, Secretary-General António Guterres highlighted escalating cybersecurity threats as a leading threat to international security. In addition to the threat of cyberwar, cyberattacks have resulted in the closure of hospitals, have taken electrical grids offline, brought major cities to a standstill, and even affected the integrity…

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2019/12/03The Policeman Was On A Walk Through The Files (By Olivier Iteanu, Barrister)

This is a rare case that the Conseil d’État [Council of State, French supreme court for administrative justice] informed us about in a decision rendered on 24 April 2019[1]. A gendarmerie captain was punished with fifteen days’ leave from work for illegally consulting “gendarmerie files”. These unlawful consultations concerned his daughter’s employer as well as some…

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2019/08/2810 good reasons to set up a cybersecurity company in Switzerland (by the GGBa)

In the age of digitization and with the ever-increasing number of connected devices and applications, cybersecurity has become a core concern for public institutions and businesses of all sizes. With its long tradition of neutrality, legal certainty and political stability, Switzerland is well suited to become a global cybersecurity hub. Here are ten compelling reasons…

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2018/10/29Cybersecurity is forcing a rethink of strategic autonomy (By Paul Timmers, Oxford University)

Just a few days ago, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker presented his 2018 State of the Union speech with the title “The Hour of European Sovereignty”. In the speech, he argues that the time has come for the EU “to become more autonomous and live up to our global responsibilities”. The question is how to make…

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