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Homeland security and Defense

2017/04/07Which opportunities for the French digital and cybersecurity industries in Africa ? (By Clément Rossi, CEIS)

Overview of threats: awareness-raising Digital affairs have been developing exponentially; at the same time, cybersecurity issues have been emerging as a major challenge for West Africa since 2013. The nature of cybercrime in Africa has changed. In the past, it was mainly directed against northern countries via scams conducted through digital channels. Now, local companies and…

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2017/03/132016: The Year the Veils Over State Offensive Cyber Operations Were Lifted (By François Delerue, CEIS)

The development of information and communication technologies and the creation of the Internet in particular represent a formidable progress for humanity. This technological evolution is bringing about new prospects in terms of education and circulation of knowledge, communication, and human and economic development. However, certain players have quickly identified the potential of the Internet and…

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2017/01/07Addressing Cyber Terrorism Threats {By Zahri Bin Yunos, Cybersecurity Malaisia}

What is Cyber Terrorism?  Cyber terrorism is the convergence of cyberspace and terrorism. It refers to the unlawful attacks and threats of attacks against computers, networks and the information stored therein when done to intimidate or coerce a government or its people in furtherance of political or social objectives [1] [2]. Further, to qualify as…

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2016/09/05North Atlantic Cyber Defense: the Warsaw Pledge [ By Léonard Rolland, Ministère des Affaires Etrangères]

Meeting on the occasion of the Warsaw Summit on 7 and 8 June 2015, NATO Heads of States and Governments adopted a « Cyber Defense Pledge » through which they promised to significantly increase their national cyber defense efforts. This initiative is to be conceived as an element of cohesion and risk reduction within the Alliance. Summit…

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