Homeland security and Defense

2019/07/24The “Mole” from the Power Grid (by Yugo Neumorni, Cybersecurity Council Chairman, European CIO Association)

When the financial institutions were defeated by the cyber-attacks in the early years of the 21st century the industrial sector was not so much concerned. It was obvious that the cybercriminals were looking for money and credit cards details, and they had little or no interest in the operational field of heavy industry. Why would a…

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2019/05/07An overview of the European Union’s current strategies, policies and concepts on cyber (by Caitríona Heinl, EXEDEC)

The first EU-Singapore Security Think Tank Dialogue was held in Singapore at the end of January at the initiative of the EU Delegation to Singapore in order to promote greater EU-Singapore political and security cooperation [1]. Three policy areas were chosen for discussion, namely maritime security, cybersecurity, and counter-terrorism. While cyber-related questions also cut across maritime…

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2019/01/14Turning to the Datasphere for Insight into Strategic Challenges in Digital Transformation, by Frederick Douzet and Alix Douzet, GEODE

‘Géopolitique de la Datasphère’ (GEODE) is a research and training centre dedicated to the study of the strategic and geopolitical challenges of the digital revolution.  Backed by Université Paris 8 as part of the French Geopolitics Institute (IFG), it is rooted in a pure tradition of innovation in the human and social sciences as well as the experimental…

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2019/01/02National Sovereignty in the Age of Network Defence (By Guy-Philippe Goldstein, Advisor to PwC France)

Since the end of the Thirty Years’ War and the signing of the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, the State has been the bedrock of international relations. Sovereignty is based on power, the power of the State, whose will is independent of other States — otherwise, it is no longer sovereign. But how is the independence of this…

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2018/09/26Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge: Join the Strategy Challenge ! (By Frédéric Douzet, Institut Français de Géopolitique, et Safa Shahwan, Atlantic Council)

The rapid and dramatic propagation of recent attacks such as WannaCry and NotPetya has emphasized the systemic risk our companies and societies are exposed to and the clear intrication of geopolitical and cyber risks. Online influence operations, propaganda and information manipulations have revealed the potential for destabilization of social networks. Cyber threats are mutlidimensional, multifaceted…

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