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2015/04/07Cyber Threat Intelligence [by Adrien Petit, CEIS]

Guidance At Webcom Montréal in May 2012, IBM estimated that 90% of the world’s data had been created in the last two years[1]. Furthermore, 2.5 billion gigabytes of data — from many and varied sources — are generated each day[2]. This report has helped to popularise the notion of big data. It has also made processing these large volumes of data…

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2015/01/19[Policy paper] Cybercrime and social networks: Dangerous liaisons

It was via Twitter that hacktivist group Rex Mundi announced that it had published the customer database of the Domino’s Pizza chain, after months of racketeering. It was also on this social network that, on 2 December, the group of hackers Lizard Squad claimed that they had hacked into Microsoft’s Xbox Live network. Another case in…

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2015/01/12[Contribution] Why CerberHost? Because your sites are vulnerable… [by Emile Heitor, CTO, NBS Systems]

CerberHost protects from known threats and detects actions to create, find or exploit vulnerabilities of your Information System. Security is not a concept but a skill. About secure hosting? The original story of the hosting provider, NBS System, is closely linked to cybersecurity. In the mid-2000s, under the leadership of its customers, NBS System invested…

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2015/01/12[Contribution] Closing the door to attackers with continued security and the Cloud [by Philippe Courtot, Qualys]

The ending of 2014 has highlighted many vulnerabilities, the most well-known being the Heartbleed and the Shellshock situations as well as the large scale data theft. Today, companies and governments rely on well-distributed, complex and highly dynamic network architectures. As networks expand their perimeters, entry points are increased and hackers are constantly developing new ways…

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2015/01/05[Contribution] “Who’s Afraid of Cybercrime? Law Enforcement Must Combat Cybercrime by Thinking and Acting Like a Cybercriminal” [by Erik Barnett, Attaché to the European Union – U.S. ICE Homeland Security Investigations]

Law enforcement has too often reacted to cybercrime by wringing its hands and lamenting the lack of technology, resources, and training to compete with sophisticated, savvy, and well-financed cybercriminals. The qualities of cybercriminals which cause so much anxiety in law enforcement can be categorized as “globalized,” “united,” and “complex.” In moments of extreme honesty, most…

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2014/09/08Edito – Report on the “Protection of Internet Users”: towards an interdepartmental chain of fight against cybercrime [by Myriam Quéméner]

A report prepared by the interdepartmental working group on cybercrime, presided over by Mr Marc Robert, prosecutor general at the Court of Appeal of Riom, was handed over on 30 June 2014 to the Ministers of Justice, of Home Affairs, of Economy & Finance and to the Minister for the Digital Economy. The report comprises fifty-five proposals to…

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