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2018/04/30Financial Crime 2.0: International Cooperation Vital in Fight Against Cybercrime

Olivier is a Research Fellow at RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies. Prior to joining RUSI in 2017, he worked with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the global standard-setter in the areas of anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing (AML/CTF), where he focused on evaluating the effectiveness of countries’ AML/CFT efforts. From…

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2018/03/21Sporting Events and New Technologies: Opportunities and Threats (By Vincent Riou, CEIS)

At the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, as at so many sporting events, hackers competed in their own way. They even invited themselves to the opening ceremony and managed to strike before the Games began. A malware program dubbed Olympic Destroyer simultaneously hit the networks for, ski resorts and servers belonging to Atos, the IT…

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2018/01/13Selective Malware: A New Cyber Weapon? (By Clémence Le Liepvre, CEIS)

In the increasingly digital societies in which we live, cyberattacks targeting not only individuals and companies but also States are proliferating. This proliferation is bestowing a strategic dimension on cyberspace. Indeed, as this space becomes a new source of power, economic and political players must greatly concern themselves with controlling it, securing it and dominating…

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