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2018/01/13Selective Malware: A New Cyber Weapon? (By Clémence Le Liepvre, CEIS)

In the increasingly digital societies in which we live, cyberattacks targeting not only individuals and companies but also States are proliferating. This proliferation is bestowing a strategic dimension on cyberspace. Indeed, as this space becomes a new source of power, economic and political players must greatly concern themselves with controlling it, securing it and dominating…

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2017/01/09Fighting Cybercrime in Morocco: Achievements and Some Challenges {By Prof. Youssef Bentaleb, Moroccan Centre for Polytechnic Research and Innovation}

Cybercrime, the phenomenon that does not believe in geographical boundaries, threatens every country in the world. Today it poses a major threat to the stability of all states, as it feeds on the fruits of the exponential evolution of information and communications technology, such as the Internet. The Internet has become an essential means of…

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2016/10/13DEVELOPMENT OF CYBER THREATS AGAINST FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS – By Troels Oerting, Group CISO and Elena Kvochko, Head of Global Information Security Strategy and Implementation, Barclays

THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE INTERNET   With over 40% of the population online and 14 billion connected devices and services provided via the Internet through dedicated applications and platforms, more and more sensitive information is being transferred into digital form. The rise of cloud computing, mobile technologies, bring your own device and open source software…

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2016/07/12The Fight Against Cyber Counterfeiting: the Quest for Effectiveness [By Betul Iler, CEIS]

Counterfeiting, which has traditionally been judged as a simple offence, currently represents a real challenge for states, citizens, the environment and, above all, an increasingly globalised economy. Indeed, it is very detrimental to companies, as it destroys the fruits of innovation; it may have a damaging effect on employment; and it causes significant harm to…

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