2020/07/16EncroChat : le chiffrement de bout en bout au service des criminels mis au clair

Par le Général Watin Augouard, FIC Le 2 juillet, lors d’une conférence de presse conjointe d’Europol et d’Eurojust, la gendarmerie nationale et la police néerlandaise ont annoncé avoir mis un terme à l’action de réseaux criminels grâce à la « neutralisation » du chiffrement de bout en bout du réseau téléphonique EncroChat que ces derniers utilisaient. Au-delà…

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2020/03/05Preserving Digital Footprints and Cyber Resilience: Training the Swiss Police (by Sébastien JAQUIER, Deputy Head of ILCE)

By Sébastien JAQUIER, Deputy Head, Institute for the Fight Against Economic Crime (ILCE), Arc Business School (HEG Arc), University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO), during the INTERNATIONAL CYBERSECURITY FORUM (FIC), 28-30 January 2020 — LILLE, FRANCE.   A revolution with results that are difficult to predict Digitisation is not a fad phenomenon. What some once tended…

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2020/01/22Ransomware in Six Questions (by the Ministerial Delegation to the Security Industries and the Fight Against Cyberthreats, French Ministry of the Interior)

What is ransomware? Ransomware is malicious software. Ransomware programs are computer viruses. These viruses block access to information systems or data stored on the victim’s computer or server, then demand that the victim pay a ransom to unblock said access, although it is never guaranteed that it will actually be unblocked.   Whom does ransomware…

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2019/12/03The Policeman Was On A Walk Through The Files (By Olivier Iteanu, Barrister)

This is a rare case that the Conseil d’État [Council of State, French supreme court for administrative justice] informed us about in a decision rendered on 24 April 2019[1]. A gendarmerie captain was punished with fifteen days’ leave from work for illegally consulting “gendarmerie files”. These unlawful consultations concerned his daughter’s employer as well as some…

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