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2016/07/12Airbus Defence and Space CyberSecurity sponsor of the Innovative SME award [By François Lavaste, Head of CyberSecurity Airbus Defence and Space]

For Airbus DS it is a pleasure to sponsor the « Innovative SME award » as we do every year. This award is indeed a key element to reinforce the cyber security industrial ecosystem. First, for start-ups and SME which greatly contribute to technological innovation but sometimes lack visibility on the market, it is an opportunity to…

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2016/06/13Cyber Security, a source of innovation: Brittany’s original experimentation program [By Amélie Rives, CEIS]

Inspired by a local and dynamic industrial ecosystem which is constantly developing, Brittany sent out in 2016 a call for projects of €800k for experimentation projects in cybersecurity. It is an unprecedented scheme with at its core the MEITO, a regional cluster of digital and electronics companies, which plays a key role in accompanying and providing…

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2016/05/02The blockchain phenomenon

By Henri d’Agrain, Managing Director of the Centre for Advanced Studies of Cyberspace (CHECy) For the last few months, we have been hearing more and more about the blockchain technology. What is meant by this abstruse term, unknown to most of us a year ago? In early 2015, there were almost no publications available on this subject,…

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2016/05/02Artificial intelligence at the service of cybersecurity [by Cyril Nalpas]

Faced with the increasing complexity of networks and a shortage of human resources, the active defence of networks must be entrusted to automated systems… provided that they are reliable in recognising threats. The need for behavioural analysis The beginning of 2016 has been marked by the resurgence of ransomware, with particularly harmful effects for health establishments. Several…

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2015/11/27IT Security: Prospects of Quantum Logic [by Cyril Nalpas, CEIS]

Information theory[1] is overwhelmed by Quantum Logic; a logic that is difficult to apprehend because its counter intuitive notions seem to be opposite to our apparent world. This Quantum Logic offers a strong contribution to IT Security, but reveals itself to be a double-edged tool: indeed, it calls into question classical cryptography, making vulnerable our…

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