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Digital Transformation

2016/11/14The insider security threat: How sharepoint and office 365 measure up (By Peter Bradley, CEO, Torsion Information Security)

Of all information security threats, the ‘insider’ security threat usually isn’t the image that first springs to people’s minds. Angry young men in darkened bedrooms, perhaps. Or, maybe, offices full of reclusive geniuses, hacking away at the behest of their government.   The costliest form of information security incident is none of these things. Rather,…

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2016/05/02New uses at the heart of the FIC 2017

With the development of new uses, cybersecurity is no longer optional. The growing interconnectedness of cyberspace, the physical world and living beings multiplies the risks — and not just when it comes to IT. Material and human damages are no longer theoretical risks: operational safety is at stake.   At a time of digital transformation, security…

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2016/01/19Voting by Internet : secure and verifiable [by Thierry Flajoliet, CEO of Election-Europe]

Europe, while experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis, must simultaneously face a crisis of confidence on the part of our fellow citizens in their politicians. This loss of confidence may have disastrous direct effects, weakening our democracies. In major national elections, the disillusion and disenchantment of a large proportion of our fellow citizens are distancing them…

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2016/01/13The Frogans technology makes the publication of data on the Internet secure [by Julie Laurent-Ledoux]

What is the Frogans technology? The Frogans technology, secure and simple, enables the publishing of Frogans sites. A Frogans site is a set of Frogans pages, hyperlinked to each other, available online on the Internet or in an intranet, at a Frogans address [1]. The Frogans technology is a new comprehensive and global publishing system…

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2015/07/02Towards the CERI – Cyber-security European Research Institute [by CERI]

Cyber security – one of the big, urgent issues of society, science, and economy Today, the well-being of all citizens, the industrial competitiveness and the sovereignty of nations are strongly influenced by the correct functioning of increasingly complex and interconnected IT systems. The reliable security and privacy-friendliness of these systems must therefore be backed up…

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