Digital Transformation

2020/01/22Making Humans the Strong Link in the IS Defence Chain (by Cyril Bras, CISO, Grenoble-Alpes Métropole)

The panorama of cyberthreats put together by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) in January 2019 (ENISA, 2019) firmly situates the end user as the primary target of cyber attackers. These attackers understand that humans are the weak link in the cybersecurity chain at the level of the individual, business and government. However, this weakness can conceivably…

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2019/12/23Social science and cybersecurity: a key challenge for the future (by Cecilia PINEAU, CEO & Founder CY MIND)

Digital technologies have invaded our professional and personal spaces, ultimately changing the way we work, interact and perceive reality. In recent years there have been significant technological developments in the field of cybersecurity; accordingly, these places should, in theory, be getting more and more secure. Yet, quite contrary to expectations, ‘attacks in the cyberspace have…

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2019/10/28Digital Identity: Europe vs. the United States of America: The Game is not Over (by André Viau, co-founder of the ID Forum)

It is to be hoped that, in a few months’ time, the French Government will announce the measures it intends to adopt to provide citizens with a sovereign digital identity. In light of the experience gained, the preparatory work and the initiatives taken—from France Connect to Alicem—it is likely that these decisions will put an…

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