Cyber risks management

2016/02/17EU-US Privacy Shield [by Aude Gery, CEIS]

After the European Court of Justice’s 6 October 2015 judgment[1] invalidating Safe Harbor, companies, citizens and national data protection authorities waited for the European Union and the United States to reach a new agreement on the transfer of personal data. Invalidating Safe Harbor did not put an end to the transfer of personal data from the…

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2016/01/19Data vulnerability: companies must strengthen their security [by Sofia Rufin, Brainloop’s Regional Vice President]

Used for extortion and industrial espionage or sold for criminal purpose, corporate data today is at the centre of a vast global traffic worth billions of dollars. With data becoming highly valuable, cyber-pirates are on the look out for vulnerabilities, targeting all types of companies across all sectors. Banks, e-commerce as well as manufacturing companies,…

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2016/01/19Cybersecurity Is Everyone’s Business [by Jean-Christophe Mathieu, product and solution security officer, Siemens France]

No one is immune to a cyber attack. Industrial facilities, which are becoming increasingly connected, must take this risk into account. They must do so not only by incorporating robust products, but also by training engineering and design departments, integrators, installers, users, and maintenance operators in best practice standards that strengthen cybersecurity. A revolutionary wind…

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2015/12/312020: new Technologies, new Hopes, new Challenges [by John Suffolk, Huawei Senior Vice President, Global Cyber Security & Privacy Officier]

Looking back to the PC and mobile phone era we find ourselves in 2016 some 40 years after the PC and 30 years after the mobile phone were popularised, talking about technology, security and privacy.  The change has been dramatic and I do not need to describe this change, just think back to your childhood….

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2015/10/15Cyber security: French speaking people unite at FIC 2016 [by Jean-Marie Corriere, Systemis]

To improve global Cybersecurity, it’s time to work our French! During the former FIC 2015 the first communication actions towards the french-speaking people were launched. In 2016, Systemis teams up with CEIS to introduce a brand new conference. To facilitate the participation of national & international actors, we have chosen to collect trough the Web…

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