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Cyber risks management

2015/12/312020: new Technologies, new Hopes, new Challenges [by John Suffolk, Huawei Senior Vice President, Global Cyber Security & Privacy Officier]

Looking back to the PC and mobile phone era we find ourselves in 2016 some 40 years after the PC and 30 years after the mobile phone were popularised, talking about technology, security and privacy.  The change has been dramatic and I do not need to describe this change, just think back to your childhood….

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2015/10/15Cyber security: French speaking people unite at FIC 2016 [by Jean-Marie Corriere, Systemis]

To improve global Cybersecurity, it’s time to work our French! During the former FIC 2015 the first communication actions towards the french-speaking people were launched. In 2016, Systemis teams up with CEIS to introduce a brand new conference. To facilitate the participation of national & international actors, we have chosen to collect trough the Web…

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2015/10/15Safe Harbor: May All Parties Assume Their Responsibilities! [by Olivier Iteanu, Cloud Confidence]

PRESS RELEASE  On 6 October 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled Safe Harbor invalid. Safe Harbor is a programme designed in the late 90s by the United States government in negotiations with the European Commission to authorise American companies that join the programme to lawfully receive European personal data. In its press release…

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2015/02/17Risk management, IT security and cyber insurance must go hand in hand [by François Gratiolet, Business Digital Security Advisory]

The growing threat posed by cyber-­attacks, in conjunction with an increasing dependence on digital assets, has seen cyber security become a critical part of firm strategy. A company’s digital assets represent tremendous value, and the need to protect them is more critical than ever. The overall cyber insurance market is growing at great pace, with enterprise organizations…

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