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2019/12/03Hewlett Foundation will be attending FIC 2020

Launched in 2014, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Cyber Initiative  is a ten-year, $132 million grantmaking effort supporting organizations working to develop thoughtful, multi-disciplinary solutions to complex cyber challenges. The Hewlett Foundation, based in Menlo Park, California, is a nonpartisan, private charitable foundation that advances ideas and supports institutions to promote a better world. Founded in 1966…

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2019/12/03The Policeman Was On A Walk Through The Files (By Olivier Iteanu, Barrister)

This is a rare case that the Conseil d’État [Council of State, French supreme court for administrative justice] informed us about in a decision rendered on 24 April 2019[1]. A gendarmerie captain was punished with fifteen days’ leave from work for illegally consulting “gendarmerie files”. These unlawful consultations concerned his daughter’s employer as well as some…

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Both our social and professional lives are becoming digital, with the rapid development of information technologies and their increased importance on a day-to-day basis. As a result of this digitalization process, individuals and organizations are connected to the concept of being online and carrying their professional and social needs on digital platforms. As such digital…

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2019/10/28Digital Identity: Europe vs. the United States of America: The Game is not Over (by André Viau, co-founder of the ID Forum)

It is to be hoped that, in a few months’ time, the French Government will announce the measures it intends to adopt to provide citizens with a sovereign digital identity. In light of the experience gained, the preparatory work and the initiatives taken—from France Connect to Alicem—it is likely that these decisions will put an…

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2019/10/28A Release of Digital Hostages? (by General Watin-Augouard, FIC Founder)

The neutralisation of a botnet of more than 1,260,000 “zombie” computers has made the news in recent days. This network used the Retadup worm to enable personal data (including personal health information) to be “stolen”, computing power to be diverted to mining of cryptocurrency (Monero), spam campaigns to be launched and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to be carried…

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2019/08/2810 good reasons to set up a cybersecurity company in Switzerland (by the GGBa)

In the age of digitization and with the ever-increasing number of connected devices and applications, cybersecurity has become a core concern for public institutions and businesses of all sizes. With its long tradition of neutrality, legal certainty and political stability, Switzerland is well suited to become a global cybersecurity hub. Here are ten compelling reasons…

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