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Mélodie Reynaud

2018/04/30Shipping and cybersecurity

By Jean-Marc ROUE,  President of Armateurs de France Nautical security and navigation equipment, telecommunications, energy production or propulsion systems… The world of maritime transport is not immune to the digital evolution, which is necessary for its profitability and competitiveness. But digitisation also increases risks, especially cyber risk: equipped with many digital technologies, ships, like other…

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2018/04/30Facebook: a move towards questioning the model? (by Guillaume Tissier, Managing director, CEIS)

One month on from Facebook being called into question as part of the Cambridge Analytica case, it’s time to look back over the flood of outraged reactions that followed the “revelations”. What was Facebook criticised for? For letting the British company, which specialises in strategic, if not electoral, communication, wrongly exploit the data of 87 million…

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Interview with General (2S) Marc WATIN-AUGOUARD Cybersecurity goes hand in hand with cooperation, as per your approach: “no solution without public-private sector cooperation!” How do we plan for this collaboration? Can you illustrate this with a few examples? There is no fixed template. First and foremost, cooperation must meed a need, whether it is leading…

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2018/03/21Sporting Events and New Technologies: Opportunities and Threats (By Vincent Riou, CEIS)

At the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, as at so many sporting events, hackers competed in their own way. They even invited themselves to the opening ceremony and managed to strike before the Games began. A malware program dubbed Olympic Destroyer simultaneously hit the networks for, ski resorts and servers belonging to Atos, the IT…

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2018/03/21Cyberprotection of Industrial Control Systems: a Model-Based Approach to Detect and Respond to Cyberattacks

By Franck SICARD, Éric ZAMAÏ and Jean-Marie FLAUS Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Grenoble INP, G-SCOP, F-38000 Grenoble, France Industrial Control Systems (ICSs) are present in many areas to ensure the productivity and reliability of production systems. However, as security requirements were not taken into account in their design, these systems are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks….

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2018/02/19The maritime industry and cyber risk (by Brice Ducoum, Groupe EYSSAUTIER)

90% of world trade depends upon maritime transport. From the transportation of raw materials to that of manufactured goods, this industry is the basis of our globalised contemporary economy. In a just-in-time economy, merchant ships must be adapted and automated to increase productivity. The “body of computer and electronic systems used in the management and automation…

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