Général d’armée (2S) Marc Watin-Augouard

2016/09/02The Privacy Shield Agreement Enters into Force [by General Watin-Augouard]

Privacy Shield has just been adopted to replace Safe Harbor. This agreement, concerning European personal data protection, represents progress, even if the WP29 has reservations about it.  An initial assessment will be performed when the agreement is reviewed in 2017. The principles of Safe Harbor were established to protect personal data, in accordance with the provisions of…

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2016/05/02CNIL Report — Qualified person’s report on measures to withdraw, block and declassify unlawful websites through administrative channels — April 2016 [by General Watin-Augouard]

Alexandre Linden, a qualified person within the French National Commission on Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL), has just published his first report[1] on the implementation of measures to withdraw, block and declassify unlawful websites through administrative channels, for the period from March 2015 to February 2016. It will be recalled that the judicial authority may prescribe, by injunction or…

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2015/10/16Safe Harbor: what consequences? [by General Watin-Augouard]

The Commission’s decision of the 26th of July 2000, stating that the United States comply with the « Security Sphere » is revoked. The Irish Control Authority is tasked with determining whether the suspension of European Facebook users’ data transfers to the United States is required, owing to the shortcomings of this country in regards to adequate…

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2015/08/04Data Theft: the French Court of Cassation Refines the Godfrain Law [by General (2S) Marc Watin-Augouard]

French Court of Cassation, Criminal Division, no. 14-81336, judgement of 20 May 2015: Navigating inside an automated data processing system is fraudulent from the moment that the data trespasser realises that the website is protected. Retrieval of files without the owner’s consent is an act of ‘electronic data theft’. In 2012, an Internet user navigating under the pseudonym…

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2014/12/23Edito – The Sony case [By General of the army (2S) Watin-Augouard]

The cybersecurity discussion consists of several key dates: 2007 (Estonia), 2008 (Georgia), 2009 (South Korea), 2010 (Natanz), 2011 (Elysee and Bercy), 2012 (Saudi Arabia), 2013 (Snowden case). Will 2014 end without giving us a reference? Helas, not! In the final stretch, it has been revealed the massive attack suffered by Sony, as the film The…

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