Maxime Alay-Eddine

2015/09/08The Economics of Cybersecurity: Drawing Inspiration from Insurance to Fight Against Market Biases [by Maxime ALAY-EDDINE, Cyberwatch SAS

“Sony Employees Reduced To Pen And Paper After Network Hack Linked To North Korea”. This dreadful headline in the International Business Times of 4 december 2014[1] woke us up to the importance of digital technology in our professional lives. Information systems have become essential assets for every organisation and therefore need to be protected. This…

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2014/09/29Knowledge means security – but how to develop a more proactive strategy to information security?

Prior to the application of technological solutions, the security of information systems requires a precise knowledge of the threats and an evaluation of their possible impact on our systems. In recent years, the proliferation of open source intelligence (OSINT), such as CERTs, has made it necessary to dig deeper and especially with greater speed in…

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