Gwendoline LEGROS

2020/07/15Digital Sovereignty: It is High Time to Have a Rant and Take Action!

Stéphane Volant is the president of the CDSE (Corporate Security Directors’ Club), which brings together security and safety professionals from nearly 150 of France’s largest companies. In this capacity, he sits as a user representative on the board of the CSF (Sectoral Strategic Committee) of the Security Industries. Five months! Five months have elapsed since…

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2020/04/09Continuous Improvement: How do Counterproductive Routines Linger On In Security “best practices”? (by Gilles Favier))

Introduction 2020 – X.0 security has not solved the password issue. The “LCR Policy” (for minimum Length, Complexity, and Regular Renewal), intuitive though it may be, persists despite findings that challenge it. Have we measured its effectiveness? Given the findings, what are the solutions? And most importantly, what are the behavioural factors that contribute to…

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2020/03/05Preserving Digital Footprints and Cyber Resilience: Training the Swiss Police (by Sébastien JAQUIER, Deputy Head of ILCE)

By Sébastien JAQUIER, Deputy Head, Institute for the Fight Against Economic Crime (ILCE), Arc Business School (HEG Arc), University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO), during the INTERNATIONAL CYBERSECURITY FORUM (FIC), 28-30 January 2020 — LILLE, FRANCE.   A revolution with results that are difficult to predict Digitisation is not a fad phenomenon. What some once tended…

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