François Gratiolet

2016/12/14Cloud and data protection: a story of dangerous liaisons (By François GRATIOLET, Founder & Managing Partner, Business Digital Security)

Data, the new oil of the economy  Cyber-attacks are becoming more global with targeted customer data, and intensified both in terms of frequency, financial impact and visibility:   Data breaches cost Target a significant drop in its profits, which was estimated at about 40% in the 4th Quarter of 2013 In October 2016, the company…

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2016/11/14Why CIOs and CISOs should partner with tech vendor startups ? (By François Gratiolet, Business Digital Security)

What do US-based vendors such as Cloudpath, Forescout or Pindrop mean to you? Did you hear about French tech ventures such as BlueFiles or Yogosha? Have you tested or even bought these tech solutions?     A bunch of cybersecurity vendors (source: Momentum Partners Q1 2016) According to Dow Jones VentureSource — a database that…

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2015/02/17Risk management, IT security and cyber insurance must go hand in hand [by François Gratiolet, Business Digital Security Advisory]

The growing threat posed by cyber-­attacks, in conjunction with an increasing dependence on digital assets, has seen cyber security become a critical part of firm strategy. A company’s digital assets represent tremendous value, and the need to protect them is more critical than ever. The overall cyber insurance market is growing at great pace, with enterprise organizations…

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