Erik R. Barnett

2016/01/13Whose Privacy Are We Protecting? Balancing Rights to Anonymity with Rights to Public Safety [by Erik R. BARNETT, Attaché to the European Union, U.S. ICE Homeland Security Investigations]

On a winter’s evening in February 2015, a middle-aged man in the United States engages in an online dialogue, through a popular U.S.-based email service, with a similarly middle-aged man in Romania.  The two men discuss sexually explicit photos of the Romanian man’s infant daughter, who is just 22 months old.  The Romanian is willing…

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2015/01/05[Contribution] “Who’s Afraid of Cybercrime? Law Enforcement Must Combat Cybercrime by Thinking and Acting Like a Cybercriminal” [by Erik Barnett, Attaché to the European Union – U.S. ICE Homeland Security Investigations]

Law enforcement has too often reacted to cybercrime by wringing its hands and lamenting the lack of technology, resources, and training to compete with sophisticated, savvy, and well-financed cybercriminals. The qualities of cybercriminals which cause so much anxiety in law enforcement can be categorized as “globalized,” “united,” and “complex.” In moments of extreme honesty, most…

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2014/01/09Back to the Future: Criminal Organizations Exploit Another New Technology, Crypto-Currencies

[box style=’note’] Summary Large-scale criminal use of crypto-currency poses significant risk because of a lack of universal regulation, a gap in critical industry-based checks against money laundering, a decentralized administration, and the anonymity of internal crypto-currency transactions. The use of crypto-currency in the sale of illegal narcotics as well as other illicit goods and to…

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