Cyril Nalpas

2016/05/02Artificial intelligence at the service of cybersecurity [by Cyril Nalpas]

Faced with the increasing complexity of networks and a shortage of human resources, the active defence of networks must be entrusted to automated systems… provided that they are reliable in recognising threats. The need for behavioural analysis The beginning of 2016 has been marked by the resurgence of ransomware, with particularly harmful effects for health establishments. Several…

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2015/11/27IT Security: Prospects of Quantum Logic [by Cyril Nalpas, CEIS]

Information theory[1] is overwhelmed by Quantum Logic; a logic that is difficult to apprehend because its counter intuitive notions seem to be opposite to our apparent world. This Quantum Logic offers a strong contribution to IT Security, but reveals itself to be a double-edged tool: indeed, it calls into question classical cryptography, making vulnerable our…

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2014/09/08Cybersecurity & Decision Support [by Cyril Nalpas, CEIS]

Over the last years, numerous studies have demonstrated that small- and medium-sized enterprises are the main victims of economic cybercrime[1][2]. Beyond the initial suspicion regarding the origin of such studies (it could indeed be primarily a marketing attempt to enter an almost still-untapped market), the cost to fight cybercrime is undoubtedly an issue. And although…

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